Swirl-an-Egg Decorated Eggs

I love the bright colors of these eggs and the fun marbled designs!  I used Dudley’s Swirl an Egg kit to make these eggs.

Here we are swirling the eggs in the dye.  There is oil with the dye, so that is how the marbled effect is created.

We like to use the Dudley Bunny Tongs for easier egg handling with no dye on your fingers!  We also had a glass of water for rinsing off the tongs between colors.

Easter Egg Topiary Tree

This Easter topiary tree is an nice, inexpensive decoration that can add a festive touch anywhere around your home!

Some of the supplies needed for the Easter Egg Topiary tree are shown in the photo above.

Here is a list of supplies needed:

Decorated blown eggs – I used Dudley’s Majestic Eggs decorating kit to color the eggs that I used on the this tree.  This kit makes the best colored eggs – so easy and mess-free!  Other supplies needed are: styrofoam cone, green Spanish moss, terra cotta flower pot, floral pins, floral foam, knife, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, and ribbon.

Pin spanish moss to the foam cone using the florist pins.

Cut floral foam and put into pot.  Put one end of the dowel into the base of the cone and then put the other end it into the floral foam.

Hot glue the decorated blown eggs to the topiary.  I also took a little clipping of some English Ivy from our yard and wrapped it around the part of the dowel that is showing to camouflage the dowel.  You could also just cover it with ribbon.