Spin an Egg – Easter Fun!

The Dudley’s Spin an Egg is my 4 year old son’s favorite kit for decorating eggs – and they turn out looking great!   See below.  Yes, a 4 year old made these, they are so pretty!

This is what it looks like in the store.  It is the Dudley’s brand Spin an Egg.

Here is what it looks like outside of the package.

Here is my son pressing the button and spinning the egg – how fun does that look!  He loves it – and I love it because there is no mess, it is all contained in the spinner.

Voila!  Here is the finished egg!

When we use this Spin an Egg, we start with the lightest colors first.  We only use two colors at a time.  Sometimes when we do the next egg, we just add a little bit of one color.  If the colors start to get muddy, just wash out the spinner and dry it thoroughly.  You only need a few drops of the egg coloring for each egg.  It is better to use too little and add more, than to have too much coloring.  My son keeps pushing the button and spinning the egg until it is mostly covered.  A few white spots on the eggs can make them look a little more interesting.

A Basketful of Fun Easter Treats!

Here is a basketful of Easter Treats for my son’s preschool class.

I took a basic bamboo Dudley’s brand Easter basket and dressed it up with a big bow.  The bow is made using some Offray ribbon that I found at Joann Fabrics.

This is an alternative to Easter Candy that is fun and sugar free!

I put duck bubbles and a note in a cute cellophane Easter bag tied with a bow.  I found the duck bubbles at Target.

Watermelon Bunnies

Here is a healthy alternative to Easter candy that is still a sweet treat!

I used a bunny cookie cutter to cut the bunny out of a slice from a seedless watermelon.

I put the bunnies into these cute Easter themed cupcake holders.

Easter Cookies

When your four year old son helps to make the Easter cookies, you end up with other cookie designs besides bunnies and chicks – you end up with jet planes, trains and firetrucks!




Cute Chicks!

This is a fun and very inexpensive Easter craft.  These can be used as a decoration or for placecard holders – names could be put on the pot, on a card in the pot or on the egg.

For the eggs, I blew out some eggs and dyed them with some Dudley’s egg dye.

These mini flower pots are from the Dollar Tree – 3 for a dollar.  The grass and the floral foam inside the pots are also from the Dollar Tree.  Other components include: shish kabob wooden skewers, green ribbon, yellow pom-poms, yellow felt, orange felt. yellow feathers, and black gems/beads for eyes.

I used a glue gun to fasten the eggs to the skewers.

Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree Tutorial

First you will want to get about 18 eggs and blow out the contents of the egg.  An egg blower tool is really helpful for removing the contents of the eggs.

Next I used a great Easter Egg Coloring Kit by Dudley’s that is called Majestic Eggs.

Recommended Egg Decorating Kit

This egg coloring kit is the easiest to use and there is no mess.  You put the special egg coloring in one of the plastic bags that comes with the kit.  You squeeze the egg around in the bag to cover the egg with the color.  The result is a beautiful pearlescent pastel egg!

How to put the ribbon through the eggs:

Step 1: To put the ribbon through the egg, I put the ribbon on a bent piece of floral wire.

Step 2: Push the wire through the egg.

Step 3: Pull it through the top of the egg.

Step 4: Stop pulling the ribbon through when the loop on top of the egg is the right length for hanging.

Step 5: Tie the ribbon on the bottom of the egg into a bow.

Step 6: Hang the eggs on a tree.

Step 7: Hang several eggs and your Easter tree is complete!

Easter Egg Bird’s Nest

Easter Egg Birds Nest Tutorial

I used a Dudley’s Easter Egg Coloring Kit to dye the eggs.  Then I get a paper plate and put it inside the sink and put an egg on the plate.  Using a toothbrush and dipping it into some black paint, I then pulled back on the bristles of the toothbrush which caused the paint to spatter onto the egg.  I rotated the egg to get the speckles on all sides of the egg.

Easter Egg Nest

I put a few of the eggs into a faux nest that I found at a store and set a little mama bird statue next to it, to keep an eye on the eggs:-)

Easter Egg Friends

Easter Friends

Easter Egg Bunny

Easter Egg Friends

I made these sweet Easter Friends using little pieces of felt and feathers to give some basic Easter Eggs a lot of personality.  I used Dudley’s Easter Egg Coloring Tablets to make the bright yellow chicks.  The eyes are just black paper ovals glued onto the egg.  I used blown eggs for these so that I can use them as decorations again next year.


Flower Design Easter Eggs

Flower Design Easter Eggs

Blue Flower Design

Orange & Yellow Flower Designs

Colorful Flower Designs

I love the bright spring colors of these egg designs!

I blew out the contents of these eggs so that they can hang on my Easter tree.  See my Easter Tree post for how to attach the ribbons and put the bows on the bottom of the eggs.

I get these great bright colors using the Dudley’s Egg Decorating Kits.

I got the flowers and ribbon at a local craft store.

Happy Easter Banner!

This is an easy and festive decoration that I made with my son.


I cut out the letters and let him paint designs on them.  I cut the fabric rectangles using pinking shears, so there is no need to sew the ends.  I used a glue gun to secure the fabric to the yellow ribbon and then hung it up.