Spin an Egg – Easter Fun!

The Dudley’s Spin an Egg is my 4 year old son’s favorite kit for decorating eggs – and they turn out looking great!   See below.  Yes, a 4 year old made these, they are so pretty!

This is what it looks like in the store.  It is the Dudley’s brand Spin an Egg.

Here is what it looks like outside of the package.

Here is my son pressing the button and spinning the egg – how fun does that look!  He loves it – and I love it because there is no mess, it is all contained in the spinner.

Voila!  Here is the finished egg!

When we use this Spin an Egg, we start with the lightest colors first.  We only use two colors at a time.  Sometimes when we do the next egg, we just add a little bit of one color.  If the colors start to get muddy, just wash out the spinner and dry it thoroughly.  You only need a few drops of the egg coloring for each egg.  It is better to use too little and add more, than to have too much coloring.  My son keeps pushing the button and spinning the egg until it is mostly covered.  A few white spots on the eggs can make them look a little more interesting.

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