Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree Tutorial

First you will want to get about 18 eggs and blow out the contents of the egg.  An egg blower tool is really helpful for removing the contents of the eggs.

Next I used a great Easter Egg Coloring Kit by Dudley’s that is called Majestic Eggs.

Recommended Egg Decorating Kit

This egg coloring kit is the easiest to use and there is no mess.  You put the special egg coloring in one of the plastic bags that comes with the kit.  You squeeze the egg around in the bag to cover the egg with the color.  The result is a beautiful pearlescent pastel egg!

How to put the ribbon through the eggs:

Step 1: To put the ribbon through the egg, I put the ribbon on a bent piece of floral wire.

Step 2: Push the wire through the egg.

Step 3: Pull it through the top of the egg.

Step 4: Stop pulling the ribbon through when the loop on top of the egg is the right length for hanging.

Step 5: Tie the ribbon on the bottom of the egg into a bow.

Step 6: Hang the eggs on a tree.

Step 7: Hang several eggs and your Easter tree is complete!

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